Application instructions

Thank you for buying stickers from StickerTec, please read these instructions in full BEFORE attempting application.

Cut Vinyl Decals :

Preparation of the surface is important with vinyl decals, poor preparation will yield poor results, all of our materials are tested during the cutting process to ensure that the adhesive will stick to suitably prepared surfaces. Please ensure that surfaces are at room temperature (between 15 – 20 Deg C) too cold or too hot a surface will impair adhesion.

Step one: Prepare the surface

Using a mild detergent, clean the surface to which you wish to apply the stickers carefully. Remove dust and grime, and dry with a lint free cloth. For applying stickers in a horizontal or vertical position you may find it useful to apply a guide to your surface, apply a length of masking tape, be careful not to apply your sticker on top of the tape!

Step two: Peel away the backing film

Lay the sticker down on a flat surface and use a squeegee (plastic card) to apply pressure to the sticker; this aids the adhesion to the top layer application film. Carefully peel away the backing paper so that the sticker is now attached to the transparent (application) sheet. The sticky side of the vinyl will now be exposed, be careful not to touch it or allow dust or dirt to come into contact with it.

Step three: Apply the sticker

For small logos, stickers and wall art simply align the sticker carefully and smooth it out with your hands to apply it. Once in position it cannot be moved, so use care. Go over the surface with your squeegee/ plastic card, paying attention to the corners and small details, for wall art leave for at least 10 minutes before proceeding to step four.

Step four: Remove the transparent transfer sheet

Carefully peel off the transfer sheet ensuring that the sticker has adhered to the surface.

Step five: Admire

Sit back and admire you handy work! Remember that removable wall art will become more difficult to peel, and remove, 12 months after applying. Please wait at least 24 hours before washing your vehicle after applying.